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‘Council Calling’ campaign successfully makes contact with thousands of ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ residents

Forest of Dean District Council has successfully completed the task of checking-in with thousands of vulnerable residents to see how they are coping during the lockdown.

The ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ are those deemed to be at heightened risk of Covid-19 and have been shielding as a result. The ‘Council Calling’ campaign has seen council staff – as well as elected councillors – making thousands of telephone calls for the past two weeks as they seek to establish contact with 4173 residents across the district and check on their welfare, seeing if they need any assistance.

Cllr Tim Gwilliam, Leader of Forest of Dean District Council, explained: “We set out two weeks ago to contact all of our residents who are deemed to be clinically extremely vulnerable because it is essential that no-one is left isolated or without support, especially as we are heading into the winter.

“This has been a considerable task. Making contact means that we have kept on calling and calling until we have spoken to every one of them. It is not enough to try to reach them, or to leave messages, we have actually spoken to, or corresponded via email or SMS text, with 4173 people.

“I’m really proud of the efforts our team has made. Lots of vulnerable people already have strong support networks, with family and friends looking out for them, but we did not want to assume that was the case. We are still in the throes of a national emergency and that requires us to make an extraordinary effort – which we will continue to do until we are through this crisis.”

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