Covid-19 Update

Leader of Forest of Dean District Council, Councillor Tim Gwilliam, said:

“Last Thursday I issued a request to those people in high-risk areas not to make non-essential journeys to the Forest and requested that everyone adhere to government guidelines on travel. We want to continue to keep our Covid-19 cases as low as possible, so that our businesses can safely remain open to as many potential customers as possible, while protecting the vulnerable in the Forest.

“As we all know, this virus spreads uncontrollably if people do not take steps to avoid its reach. Even those who do can still catch the virus, if they are exposed to it.

“Unknown when we released that statement was news that our own cabinet member and Lydney councillor, Claire Vaughan, has tested positive for Covid-19. I know this came as a shock to her as she does take these matters extremely seriously.”

Councillor Gwilliam added: “Thankfully, Claire has downloaded the government app onto her phone and all test and trace procedures will kick into place now the test has come back positive. We will obviously keep in touch with Claire and support her in every way we can. We hope her symptoms remain mild and she soon makes a full recovery.”

Councillor Vaughan said: “I was suffering some symptoms and feeling mildly unwell but otherwise in good spirits and was even able to participate in last week’s remote meeting of the Full Council.

“It is a reminder that no-one is safe from this virus and everyone needs to protect themselves and others in every way that they can. Adhere to the government health guidelines, even if at times you may wish to question them. We will beat this wretched virus by working together and looking out for one another.”


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