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Forest Lottery helps to raise paw-some amount for Forest of Dean Dog Rescue

Since joining the Forest Lottery in late 2019, Forest of Dean Dog Rescue has raised over £4,000 to support and care for dogs in the district, continuing their work to provide an incredible service for animals in the community.

Cabinet Member for Finance, Cllr Richard Leppington said:

“The work provided by the team at Forest of Dean Dog Rescue is nothing short of extraordinary. 

“The care they provide for animals, often for those who are unable to be re-homed due to age or existing health conditions, is a brilliant example of the support they provide to all dogs in need across the district.

“It is great to hear of the amount they have raised through the Forest Lottery and I look forward to seeing that amount grow even further in the next year. 

“Causes that are signed up with the Forest Lottery are local causes that often rely on fundraising to continue the great work that they provide. With over £40,000 raised over the past 12 months, it’s an easy way to give back to a cause that is close to your heart and I’d encourage all that are interested to sign up and get involved.”

The volunteers at Forest of Dean Dog Rescue have fostered around one hundred dogs this year, helping to ensure that dogs in need within the district are able to receive the support they require, before finding new homes. The team visit prospective owners and work with them to ensure that dogs that are able to be re-homed are set up with new families in the correct environment.

The team also care for animals that are unable to be re-homed, providing them with a foster home for the rest of the animal’s life. This care and dedication to the animal comes at considerable cost to the charity, particularly if there are large vet bills, or ongoing medication required.

Damion Collins, Street Warden Team Leader at Forest of Dean District Council said:

“Forest of Dean Dog Rescue has taken unclaimed stray dogs in for several years, working with the council to help dogs and animals in need. They are our preferred rescue due to the excellent level of care that each dog gets from all of the volunteers working for them. 

“A lot of dogs taken in by the rescue are in need of a huge amount of treatment or long term rehabilitation, but the volunteers have always been willing to put time and effort in to ensure the dogs in their care will eventually find their forever home.”

The pandemic and lockdowns meant that many clubs, local organisations and charities were unable to raise funds in ways they had previously, or to meet up and campaign using traditional methods.

The Forest Lottery, as an online fundraising source has enabled Forest of Dean Dog Rescue to continue to raise funds even during national lockdowns, helping residents to support a cause close to their heart and be in with a chance of winning a substantial prize.

Maggie Marshall, Volunteer and Treasurer for Forest of Dean Dog Rescue said:

“Fundraising is our main source of income at Forest of Dean Dog Rescue and the great team that we have here often put on events to help with this.

“Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns we have been impacted and unable to organise so many of these face to face events and this is where the Forest Lottery really can help local causes such as us.

“Being able to raise funds for local causes, even whilst in lockdown, is a fantastic initiative. The money raised through Forest Lottery tickets helps us to pay for food and vet care for animals, as well as providing the players themselves with a bit of fun. We’d like to thank everyone who helps to support Forest of Dean Dog Rescue and look forward to building on the great work in 2022.”

Forest Lottery helps to provide fundraising for local causes in the Forest of Dean. There are over 60 registered causes to choose to help with your ticket purchase. The chosen cause receives 50% of the £1 ticket with an additional 10% going to further support the local community. Not only that, but there are weekly cash prizes to be won up to the value of the £25,000 jackpot. 

If anyone is interested in re-homing, or fostering an animal from Forest of Dean Dog Rescue, the team would love to hear from them. Information on how to help can be found on their website:

To support a local good cause and be in with a chance of winning go to:

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