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Linkline celebrates supporting Forest residents for over 30 years

Forest Linkline, the 24-hour emergency monitoring service run by Forest of Dean District Council is celebrating supporting residents in the community for over 30 years.

Cabinet Member for Thriving Communities, Cllr Jackie Dale said:

“Forest Linkline is a service that is close to many people's hearts across the district. It is a service that can provide reassurance and the right assistance for those who need it most in an emergency. 

“It is for people of any age, including those who need assistance recovering from illness or injury, or those who are victims of crime and domestic abuse. 

“Forest Linkline has been a lifesaver for many in our community for over 30 years and this year, we’ll make some upgrades to the Linkline service to ensure that it can continue to provide the same great service that our customers are used to. We’ll be sending letters to users advising them of the changes in the coming weeks.  

“If you, or someone you know is looking for reassurance to feel safe and comfortable at home, please take a look at the Forest Linkline service and get in touch with a member of the team.” 

Forest Linkline provides round-the-clock access to a trained operator, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It works with an alarm unit positioned in the resident's home that links to a personal pendant that can be worn around the neck, wrist or clipped to clothing. Should an emergency arise then the button is pressed, and a call is triggered to the monitoring centre. From there, a trained advisor will help decide on the best course of action and call loved ones and the emergency services if necessary to ensure that the best possible action is taken so that help can be provided. 

The alarm unit has traditionally been plugged into a phone socket, but this will be upgraded in the coming months so that the new units work digitally. There will be no change to the user and residents will not require facilities such as internet access. The unit will be equipped with two sim-cards inside which will ensure it can always connect to the monitoring service, even in the event of problems with telephone landlines.  

A Linkline service user said:

"Having Linkline installed in the property has given me and my family confidence that I am safe and secure living independently. 

"It’s really been a benefit and just knowing that it is there and can get me the correct help should I need it, provides us all with peace of mind.” 

As part of the Forest Linkline service, Forest of Dean District Council can also install a police approved KeySafe on the day of the alarm installation, providing a secure way to enter the property in an emergency. It can also be used for those with pets who may be at work during the day. By having a KeySafe installed, the code can be provided to a friend or loved one who can access the property and make sure that pets are well looked after. 

A user of the service, Paula from Milkwall said:

"Having a KeySafe at the house and a couple of local friends with the code, means my furry family will always be looked after if I can’t get home to them for any reason. 

"A quick call and they can pop round and feed them, let the dog out or even take him for a walk. This saves having lots of spare keys cut and avoids the worry for friends of losing a key." 

For further information on Forest Linkline and a police approved KeySafe, please call 01594 810000, email [email protected] or visit  

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In the photo, from left to right:

Jennifer Barnes - Operations Assistant at Forest of Dean District Council

Deb Hughes - Operations Manager for Forest Linkline and Cotswold Careline

Cllr Jackie Dale - Cabinet Member for Thriving Communities

Paula Massey - Enabling Manager at Forest of Dean District Council