Snakes and sacks to combat flooding in Forest communities

Forest of Dean District Council’s Cabinet sat on 08 April to discuss mitigation of flooding in the area. In recent years flooding in the district has increased, putting communities and businesses at risk. 

During the meeting, cabinet agreed to recommendations of:

  • Allocate up to £5,000 capital for the purchase of FloodSax and Hydro snakes to be distributed to Town and Parish Councils;
  • To supply a member crib sheet setting out the key points of contact and Information in relation to flooding;
  • Allocate up to £1,000 to facilitate a promotional campaign

The supply of sand bags for emergencies has decreased since 2011, which has meant less community resilience during flooding, and uncertainty about how and where to acquire home protection for those in need. 

Laurence King, Lead Shared Flood Risk Management Engineer said: “Flooding has become an increasing issue in the district, with residents unsure where to turn to for help. I’m very pleased that the decision has been made to distribute a supply of FloodSax and Hydro snakes.

Alongside the supply, the cabinet have also agreed to carry out a publicity exercise to help residents to become better informed.”

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